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Beau Platte, Consultant

Beau has spent his life building bridges between people and cultures. This adventurer honed his global business skills, contextual intelligence, and leadership abilities traveling the world. Whether teaching in France’s Southern Alps or leading a rooftop construction project in Beirut, he strives to enable people to meet their goals, moving themselves and their organizations forward. 

Digital Adoption Platforms

Digital Adoption Platforms are a big part of the digital transformation of your internal teams, and can determine what behaviors they’re doing, teach new behaviors, and bring on new employees faster. 

Digital adoption is “achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to the fullest extent.” Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), are the specific tools that allow organizations to get the most out their digital tools to get employees up to speed faster. 

DAP is software that sits over the top of your existing software, driving internal adoption of both behavior and technology by:

Keys to a Successful DAP rollout: 

  1. Conduct a DAP needs assessment
  2. Define a narrow problem scope
  3. Research DAP providers & stay true to your selection criteria
  4. Invest in resources
  5. Engage partners – find champions
  6. Don’t test your own work
  7. Maintain DAP like a product