Change Management Maturity Model


Rachel Crocker

Change Management Practice Director



How Effective Are Your Change Management Efforts?

Although most organizations today have some kind of change management processes in place, few have assessed how effective these functions truly are.

Change management methodologies are rich in philosophy, but they don’t always help organizations realize results. That’s because understanding change management, and knowing your level of maturity at doing it, doesn’t guarantee success – there are other critical factors that come into play. 

What does success mean? From a change management perspective, what differentiates a good project from a bad one?

This white paper is for: Propeller CM Maturity Model

  • Department and organization-wide leaders who oversee a project or portfolio of projects 
  • Leaders who want to improve the outcomes of their projects, ensure buy-in, and establish ROI
  • Leaders beginning to feel the pains associated with managing change

What's Inside:

  1. Where Current Methodologies Fall Short
  2. Change Management Maturity Model
  3. The 3 Focus Areas of a Holistic CM Approach
  4. 3 Short Case Study Examples
  5. Questions to Guide your Own Action Plan